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IMAGE: Every miller draws water to his own mill.

我田引水。[我が田に水を引く。](日本の諺) / (自分本位に事を運ぶ。) / … More »


IMAGE: Might is right. / Losers are always in the wrong. / Successful sin passes for virtue.

勝てば官軍(、負ければ賊軍)。(日本の諺) / 力は正義なり。 / 敗者はいつも … More »


IMAGE: Good swimmers are oftenest drowned. [Good swimmers at length are oftenest drowned.] / Even Homer sometimes nods. / No one is wise at all times.

河童の川流れ。 / 弘法にも筆の誤り。[弘法も筆の誤り。](日本の諺) / 猿も … More »

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