5. Taming the Bull…

IMAGE: 5. Taming the Bull. [Taming the Ox.]

5. Taming the Bull. [Taming the Ox.] - Kuòān Shīyuǎn [Kaku-an] (Late 12th century): Ten Bulls [Ten Ox Herding Pictures]
/ (Bull [Ox] = True self; Bull [Ox] herder = Self seeking true self)
/ (4. Catching the Bull… ← Previous figure; List of Ten Bulls; Next figure → 6. Riding the Bull…)

(Image by Tenshō Shūbun from Ten Bulls or Ten Ox Herding Pictures)

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五. 牧牛(ぼくぎゅう)。[牛を牧う(かう)。] - (かくあんぜんじ) (十二世紀後半): (じゅうぎゅうず)
/ (牛=本来の自分; 牧人=本来の自分を求める自分)
/ (四. 得牛…←前の図;十牛図一覧;次の図→六. 騎牛帰家…)


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